Our Guiding Principles

The NMS EXBOYS (UK) community has as it’s goal in the wellbeing of EXBOYS in the UK and to giving back to our Alma Mater.

The association aims to provide a forum that enables Ex boys of varying graduation years to become acquainted with one another and develop mutually beneficial relationships guided by the following principles:

  • Be truthful and do not mislead, act with integrity at all times
  • Keep promises made to the association and other members
  • Deal fairly and ethically with all members and afford respect to all
  • All members should be disposed to offering assistance or guidance to other members in times of difficulty or distress
  • Make reasonable effort to attend meetings of the association, so long as it is convenient to do so (remember our meetings must be conducted in an atmosphere of respect and fun, so we can all look forward to coming together regularly)
  • Participate in the affairs of the association, through regular attendance and contribution of ideas at meetings, as well as accepting responsibility for the planning and execution of project ideas
  • Support the association through commitment of time and financial contribution towards group entertainment events and execution of project ideas

Each member has the responsibility to hold in confidence all information that, if disclosed, would be damaging to the best interests of individual members, the association or donors. All funds and transactions of the association shall be transparent to all members and recorded appropriately in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. Above all, each member has a responsibility to act in the best interest of the association and it’s values, and avoid the appearance of self-interest.